Manchester Outpatient Treatment welcomes you and your family to our treatment community, where we believe that every individual has the ability to heal through the process of recovery.

Manchester Outpatient Treatment is a family-founded, providing evidence-based integrated treatment for mental illness and co-occurring substance use disorders since 2001.

With Residential and Assertive Community Treatment programs built upon evidence-based practices pioneered at Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center, we address mental illness and substance use disorders together, in the same setting, by the same treatment team.

Men come from all over the country for our specialized treatment and we fully integrate both family and community into every stage of the treatment process. We provide an effective healing atmosphere for our participants and fully support them through their journey of recovery. For dually diagnosed men over 18 and their families, our programs provide more than treatment. They prov…


Start rebuilding your personal life and mending your important family ties right away, when you live at home and participate in intensive outpatient treatment. With the Intensive Outpatient Treatment program you are able to establish a foundation for long term recovery support in your local community right from the start of your treatment, instead of waiting until you return from living away in a rehab center. Q: WHAT SORT OF THERAPIES AND ACTIVITIES ARE INVOLVED WHEN PARTICIPATING IN THE INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM? In the Intensive Outpatient Program, you receive services primarily through group therapy, but are also assigned an individual therapist you will meet with on a weekly basis while in treatment. Groups are small and generally do not exceed 10 people, allowing for a safe environment. Many different areas and topics are covered in the IOP. Everyone is introduced to the following areas while in the IOP at The Counseling Center at Freehold: Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome Or P…
Intensive Outpatient Program New Hampshire (IOP) is designed for individuals struggling with substance misuse issues. It allows patients to attend sessions and receive treatment while living in the comfort of their own home and continuing to work in the community.

By participating in the Intensive Outpatient Program, patients are able to establish a foundation for life-long sobriety in a safe and supportive group environment where they can begin to use their newly developed recovery skills. Each patient will have a thorough substance abuse evaluation before the start of the program to ensure he or she is suitable for IOP level of care.

Having the support of family and friends is an important part of the recovery process. We encourage all to participate to offer additional support to the patient. The program includes:
16 sessions over a four week periodMeets every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6:00 - 9:00pmPatients will have the opportunity to meet with a clinician for indivi…